Software Development Services
Object Oriented Analysis and Design - Through the use of UML modeling tools such as Rational Rose and TogetherJ, ITD is able to capture a customers business requirements and communicate them unambiguously to the development team. UML offers a pictorial representation of a application which is easily understood by business stake holders while providing the details developers need to build a system meeting the needs of the business

Java Development - Java has proven to be the language of choice for internet applications not only because it works with virtually any hardware platform but its robustness allows and enterprise quality application to be delivered for very little time and money. In addition to Java, ITD believes strongly in design patterns and software frameworks. Design Patterns are software representations of the best practices to a particular software problem. Frameworks allow those best practices to be implemented in a reliable and maintainable fashion. One example of such a framework is STRUTS from the Apache Foundation which ITD has used on several projects with very successful results.

Network Security Auditing
Validating the security of a network requires the review of a tremendous amount of data.  It is a continuous and costly process which can only accomplished efficiently through the use of appropriate tools.  Because audits only represent a snapshot in time and networks are continuously changing either internally or through the discovery of new vulnerabilities, ITD recommends to its clients that they take a multi-phased approach.  First, a risk assessment is done to determine an organizations high risk areas and their potential vulnerabilities.  Next, tools are installed and in-house staff is trained to continuously monitor vulnerabilities and threats to then network and lastly a periodic audit is done by ITD to give assurance to management that the process is operated as expected and to address new areas which may pose unacceptable risk to the organization.
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