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PM-Watch is an equipment maintenance tracking system specifically tailored to the Oxygen Equipment Leasing Industry.  PM-Watch tracks scheduled maintenance from manufactures such as: INVACARE, AIRSEP and RESPERONICS to name a few but is flexible enough to track activity from virtually any manufacturer using time or meter based schedules.  JCAHO identifies the biggest defecate in the Home Care Sector as inadequately kept equipment maintenance records.  PM-Watch can not only help streamline the JCAHO survey process, but reduce administrative costs while providing the invaluable protection of a comprehensive maintenance history, in the event of litigation.

NO Additional Hardware or Software to purchase

PM-Watch is a Web Based System so there is no additional hardware or software to purchase.  All you need is a Web Browser and access to the Internet to get started.  Each customer has their own database residing on our servers in a high availability data center, accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere on the Internet.  This approach allows maintenance technicians, respiratory therapist, warehouse staff and managers, all to have instantaneous access to the same data without having to install and maintain a network server.  Use your existing AOL account if you'd like.

Low Cost of Entry, Easy to Use and Maintain.

All PM-Watch software and databases are maintained by Information Tool Designers Inc. in our high availability data center.  This means that you have no software or computers to install or maintain.  PM-Watch is priced cost effectively at $350.00/Month  with a initial one time installation fee of $300.00, and no minimum contract commitment.  This price includes:  PM-Watch software, Your Companies individual database, 10 user accounts, Free Software Upgrades, Email technical support and 24x7 operations and maintenance of your system.  If your organization is currently spending more than 10 hours per week  updating maintenance logs and generating scheduled maintenance reports, PM-Watch will easily pay for itself.  The Internet has allowed powerful and reliable professiona l systems such as PM-Watch to be competitively priced and now accessible to small and mid-size businesses.

Try before you buy

We want all our customers to see for themselves the advantages of using PM-Watch as part of their equipment  maintenance strategy.  For this reason, we have set up a fully capable version of PM-Watch running on a demo database.  We invite you to add equipment and maintenance records and run reports to make sure it will meet your needs.  Contact Information Tool Designers at: sa to get your free demo account and start evaluating PM-Watch today.

Automated Backups

For an additional fee, Information Tool Designers will prepare monthly backups of your data and email them directly to you.  Many customers require the additional security of storing their maintenance data locally along with the knowledge that they have a current copy of their data and are not locked into one vendor's specific solution.

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